About Us Nayman and Fraiman

No Tomato Films was launched in 2005 by Matthew Nayman and Josh Fraiman (Yes, they are aware that their last names rhyme…)

Matthew and Josh are currently enrolled in the Film and Video Production program in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Toronto’s York University. Together they have produced more than 15 independent films and music videos.

Josh’s independent comedy entitled Pretentious Student Art Film debuted at the Toronto Student Shorts festival in 2005. Matthew’s short thriller entitled Something’s Wrong will debut in 2006.

As experienced cinematographers, editors and special effects creators, we offer a wide range of film and video-related services to organizations and individuals in the Greater Metropolitan Toronto area.

For information about our services ongoing independent film projects, please contact us or see our services section.

Matthew Nayman

Matthew Nayman

Matthew Nayman picked up his first camera when he was 12 years old. He developed an early interest in special effects, and this led him to shoot and edit several short, orginal films before he had even graduated from high school.

After developing his camera and editing skills, Matt went on to provide freelance services for several major Toronto production companies. He continues to produce his own independent short films.

He expects to graduate soon from York University with a degree in film and video production.

View Matthew Nayman's Demo Reel

Joshua Fraiman

Joshua Fraiman

Joshua Fraiman showed his passion for cinematography at a very young age. By his second year of high school he had his first short film, Legend of Nakashima, accepted to festivals. In 2001 he teamed up with high school friend Matt Nayman and formed No Tomato Films, adding his valuable lighting and editing experience to the team.

Currently at York University for Film and Video production, Josh spends most of his free time devoted to enhancing his talent as a film maker